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Permaculture is a science of design, places of life and human systems, using the principles of ecology and knowledge of traditional societies, to replicate the diversity, stability and resilience of natural systems.

As part of the introductory internship, the following concepts will be addressed: Definition, history, tools, ethical dimension, philosophy, principles of design, application of permaculture ….

Permaculture en ThaïlandeChristelle Marcillein the Little House on the Prairie
The internship permaculture in thailand will include a coherent theory-practice coherent with the different place. Conviviality, cooperation and creativity in your future permaculture courses. At the end of this initiation, the participants will be able to appreciate and understand the multiple dimensions of permaculture, which are its method of conception, its ethics, its philosophy.

Rate | Initiation Permaculture in Thailand

Initiation Permaculture in Thailand

12.000 bahts for 1 week (Approximately 325€)

22.000 bahts for 2 week (Approximately 595€)

Maximum : 8 – 10 people

Discount for those who wish to camp in a tent.

  • Accommodation (Inclus)
  • Full board (Inclus)
  • Traineeship (Included)

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