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Meet the farm animals

Meet the farm animals with Aun and Manu

Join us for an unforgettable day where you can immerse yourself in the lives of farm animals in Thailand, help prepare meals for our adorable buffalo, cattle and chickens, and even collect your own fresh eggs for breakfast ! 🍳🌞

Meet the farm animals
Les buffles, animaux sympathiques des campagnes de Thaïlande
Buffaloes, friendly animals from the countryside of Thailand

Come take part in our activities with farm animals in Thailand which take place Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to noon.
At Organic Farmstay, we are always looking for ways to diversify our operations and become more self-sufficient. It is with this in mind that we recently acquired a plot of land of 8000 m² for the construction of new shelters for our precious buffaloes. This extension, which includes five new shelters, will offer a magnificent view of our farm inn.

The workshops are:

  • prepare animal food
  • feed the animals
  • egg collection

Saturday and Sunday off


Our new animal shelters will not only be for our current buffalo, but also for other breeds of buffalo and cattle. This expansion will allow us to develop our agricultural activity while remaining faithful to our commitment to quality and autonomy.

Malgré ses cornes impressionnantes, le buffle aquatique (Bubalus bubalis) est une créature calme et attachante.

A little word about the buffaloes of Thailand:

Originally from Asia, the water buffalo was domesticated in India and China more than 7,000 years ago. Despite its impressive horns, the water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is a calm and endearing creature. Tamed for centuries, it played a crucial role in rural society before the advent of machinery: working in the rice fields, even in difficult conditions, pulling carts or transporting loads, while also producing milk .

He alone embodies both the strength of the draft horse and the cow!

While it was traditionally used as a draft animal in rice fields, the water buffalo is endangered, following the mechanization of agricultural machinery. It is a symbol of Southeast Asian peasant identity which is unfortunately disappearing little by little…

We also have chickens...

Nos poules vivent en liberté, tous nos animaux ont droit au bien-être !
Our chickens live freely, all our animals have the right to well-being!
Un bienheureux et ses nouvelles amies...
A blessed man and his new friends...

And pigs!

Le cochon est l'un des animaux très représentés dans les campagnes de la Thaïlande.
The pig is one of the animals widely represented in the countryside of Thailand.
Les cochons sont des animaux propres, sensibles et attachants
Les cochons sont des animaux propres, sensibles et attachants

Activity: Feeding Animals and Making Their Food

One of the must-have experiences we offer at Suwan Organic Farmstay is participating in feeding and making food for our precious farm animals. Working alongside our team, our visitors discover the importance of providing a balanced and nutritious diet to ensure the well-being of our residents.
Our visitors also have the opportunity to participate in collecting eggs from our chickens and making their food. This engaging activity allows visitors to better understand the food production process, connect directly with our animals and actively contribute to their well-being.

This activity provides an educational and fun experience for adults and children of all ages, promoting a better understanding of the relationship between food, animal health and agricultural sustainability. Additionally, it allows visitors to connect directly with our animals and develop an emotional bond with them, which further enriches their experience at Suwan Organic Farmstay.

Come and discover this unique experience where you can not only meet farm animals in Thailand, but also actively participate in their well-being by feeding them and helping to make their food.

Aun préparant avec amour la nourriture des animaux
Aun lovingly preparing the animals' food
Préparation de la nourriture des animaux de notre ferme
Preparing food for our farm animals
Nous attachons une grande importance a la nourriture et au bien-être des animaux de notre ferme
We attach great importance to the food and well-being of the animals on our farm.

Final words...

- Hé gamin ! Ton téléphone sonne ! - Ah non ! Suis occupé !
- Hey kid! Your phone is ringing! - Oh no ! I'm busy!
Dis Mémé ! Ils sont cool ces woofers, quand ils sont là, on ne s'ennuie pas !
Grandma! These woofers are cool, when they are there, we never get bored!