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Experience in the rice fields

Experience in the rice fields woth Aun and Manu

Enjoy a unique experience by participating in traditional Thai rice cultivation activities on our farm.

Experience in the rice fields
Nos woofers reproduisent ses gestes avec application et recueillement...
Our woofers reproduce these gestures with diligence and meditation...

Come and take part in our workshops on rice cultivation which take place Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to noon. This activity is only possible during the rainy season.

Discover the Treasures of the Thai Rice Fields. Thailand has long been known as the “rice bowl of Asia”. Thai rice is not only the staple and most consumed food in Thailand, it is also a central part of Thai culture.

The workshops are:

  • preparing seedlings
  • rice transplanting
  • rice harvest
  • rice threshing

Saturday and Sunday off


Nestled in the heart of breathtaking landscapes, our farm invites you to explore the ancestral secrets of rice cultivation and immerse yourself in the daily life of local farmers. Suwan Organic Farmstay is a 32,000 m2 farm, between biotope and biocenosis. We cultivate the virtues of an eco-responsible experience. Located in northern Thailand, nestled 20km from Udon Thani town and off the beaten track.

In our organic farm we use the Thai rice cultivation method called Na Dum (Na is the field of cultivation, Dum is the action of planting). Na Dum requires several plots. Each of them allows the rice to be transplanted according to its growth. Thus, a first plot allows germination and the creation of seedlings. Once the seedlings are mature enough, they are planted in prepared plots. And so on. It allows you to have excellent quality rice thanks to systematic selection and transplanting.

Vous pourrez voir pousser le riz installé confortablement dans nos bungalows
You will be able to see the rice growing comfortably in our bungalows
Le repiquage du riz, un travail d'équipe amusant et relaxant!
Rice transplanting, fun and relaxing teamwork!
Observer la "mer de riz" qui monte est une expérience unique et tellement relaxante !
Observing the rising “sea of rice” is a unique and so relaxing experience!
Le travail dans les rizières à la saison des pluies offre une expérience exaltante et régénérante !
Working in the rice fields during the rainy season offers an exhilarating and regenerating experience!

Discover the Life Cycle of Rice:

Follow the fascinating journey of rice, from its humble beginnings in the nursery to its golden harvest. Dip your hands into the fertile soil to help transplant young plants into flooded fields, an experience as enriching as it is authentic.

A Secular Tradition:

Share a precious moment with our team of rice farmers, who proudly perpetuate traditional plowing techniques using water buffaloes or power tillers. Watch in awe as these majestic animals plow the rice fields, an iconic scene of agricultural life in Thailand.

Diving into the Secrets of Thai Rice Cultivation: a journey through the stages of the harvest

Rice cultivation, a symbol of subsistence and tradition in many regions of the world, is an age-old art that unites communities around ancestral practices. Let’s dive into the depths of this fascinating process, from the early stages of germination to the golden harvest.

1. Germination and Nursery:

It all starts with rice seeds, which swell and germinate in water, ready to give rise to new shoots. The young plants then take root in the nurseries, under the watchful eye of farmers who ensure their vigorous growth.

2. Preparing the rice field:

While rice thrives in the nurseries, farmers undertake a series of crucial tasks to prepare the rice fields. The bunds are carefully repaired, ensuring optimal water retention, while the irrigation canals are cleaned of any plant debris, ready to guide the precious water to the fields.

3. Plowing and transplanting:

The long-awaited moment of plowing arrives, marking the start of an intense period of agricultural activity. Flooded fields welcome young rice plants, carefully transplanted by experienced farmers, ensuring healthy and vigorous growth in their new aquatic habitat.

4. Harvest and post-harvest:

After five to six months of patient waiting, the rice is finally ready to be harvested. Three weeks before harvest, water is drained from the fields, preparing the ground for the impending harvest. The ripe panicles are cut with a sickle, then placed in the sun to dry, a striking spectacle of simplicity and efficiency.

Rice threshing, a once laborious step done by hand, is now often mechanized, speeding up the grain processing process. Once threshed, the grains are skillfully winnowed, allowing the wind to delicately carry the husk away from the precious golden treasures.

Plongez dans le monde envoûtant des rizières thaïlandaises avec une expérience unique au sein de notre ferme
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Thai rice fields with a unique experience at our farm
Les pieds dans l'eau... un sourire sur le visage... tout est dit!
Feet in the water... a smile on your face... it says it all!
Aun en train de repiquer le riz avec amour et respect...
Aun transplanting rice with love and respect...
De la pépinière vers le lieu de repiquage...
From the nursery to the transplanting place...
Partagez un moment précieux avec notre équipe de cultivateurs de riz, qui perpétue avec fierté les techniques traditionnelles
Share a precious moment with our team of rice farmers, who proudly perpetuate traditional techniques

Discover the Riches of Thai Rice at Suwan Organic Farmstay

At Suwan Organic Farmstay, we grow an exceptional variety of Thai rice, each with its unique characteristics and health benefits. Among our treasures, “hom mali” Jasmine Rice stands out for its tender texture and its captivating natural fragrance. Known as one of the best rice in the world, it embodies the superior quality of the Thai rice tradition.

The Riceberry, our personal favorite, is a rare find with its dark purple color and long shape. Coming from the cross between Hom Nil rice and KhaoDok Mali 105, Riceberry is not only a treat for the eyes but also for your health. With its antioxidant properties, its ability to reduce cholesterol and its low glycemic index, it combines taste pleasure and nutritional benefits.

Glutinous rice, called khao niow in Thai, is another specialty of our farm. Extremely sticky, it is a sustainable source of energy, ideal for workers and farmers. Finally, black glutinous rice, with its vibrant natural color and nutty flavor, offers a unique dining experience while also being packed with health benefits, such as antioxidant properties and reduced risk of heart disease.

Dans les champs de riz thailandais, on peut aussi pêcher des poissons
In the Thai rice fields, you can also catch fish
Le riz thailandais Pink Lady que nous commençons à cultiver depuis peu
Thai Pink Lady rice that we have recently started growing

At Suwan Organic Farmstay, we celebrate the diversity and richness of Thai rice, providing our guests with an authentic gastronomic experience coupled with unrivaled health benefits. Come discover these treasures of nature during your next visit to us.