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Natural construction workshop

Natural construction workshop

Natural construction uses low-toxic, untreated materials and systems used appropriately for the climate, site, and intended use.

construction naturelle, stage en Thaïlande

What is a natural construction

Natural construction uses low-toxic, untreated materials and systems, used appropriately for the climate, site and intended use. It primarily incorporates natural materials rather than commercial ones, with an emphasis on obtaining these natural materials from as local a source as possible, ideally from the construction site itself.

Our project

What could be better than getting your hands dirty and learning life-size to better assimilate all the techniques and stages of natural construction. Whether it is ponds, decorative walls for the garden or bungalows, you will have the opportunity to work on concrete projects during your internship.

stage de construction en terre battue
construire sa maison en Thaïlande
Initiation construction naturelle

Workshop program:

DAY 1: How to build clay and straw bricks, explanations and practice. Construction of clay bricks, making the clay mixture and molding the bricks.

DAY 2: masonry of bricks and application of the first clay coating and learning to make works of art with natural materials.

DAY 3: preparation of the lime finishing plaster and applications and learning how to paint with lime.

Suwan and Manu will be your guides and trainers for this immersion course.

Construire une maison naturelle en Thaïlande
brique adobe pour construction naturelle
stage pour construire une maison en terre battue

Price of our internship in natural construction

Before talking about prices, it is important to specify that these include not only accommodation but also meals, morning, noon and evening.

So the price of the week (Monday to Friday), accommodation and meals:

8,000 THB per person in dormitory
9,000 THB per person in a private bungalow
15,000 THB for two people in a private bungalow.

20 percent discount for group reservations from 4 people

If there are more of you or if you want to combine this natural construction course with a permaculture stage or woofing, contact me directly by email. Quick response guaranteed.

The Suwan Organic Farm is pleased to announce that we can now offer yoga sessions and initiation all year round and on the days of your choice. It’s always a good time to think about yourself 😊🧘